Social Interactions

Building social skills, decisioning skills, and leadership skills through wildly fun activities!
Let’s Interact!

SII Large LogoWe are all social creatures and need to get out and interact with people for a health of mind and body.  Meeting people, learning new things, being active and engaging with friends is what makes life fun.  Let’s step back from the media devices we use for entertainment and communication and let’s start to socially interact with people.  Get up, get out, and have some real Social Interactions!

Building Success

Social interaction skills are building blocks for success.  We provide the organization, framework, and events to foster the growth of these skills through educational and recreational activities for people of all ages.

Dynamic Programs

Interacting with people across all age groups is a critical skill.  We are continually adding new and innovative programs to improve social interactions between people of all ages and ensure that everyone has a great time that is as fun as it is rewarding!  Please read more from our Social Interactions Overview