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Positive social interactions with friends and family and involvement in youth programs can be protective factors against depression and poor performance in school, according to researchers within the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Dynamic Programs

Dynamic Programs

Interacting with people across all age groups is a critical skill.  We are continually adding new and innovative programs to improve social interactions between people of all ages and ensure that everyone has a great time that is as fun as it is rewarding.

Writer’s Bloc

The Writer’s Bloc program provides writing workshops for students in middle school and high school, as well as for adults. Our program activities are designed to help individuals draft, share, edit, and publish their writing. Facilitators provide sessions on idea generation, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.  Writing can be a very personal activity, and Writers Bloc is designed to ensure an environment of positive reinforcement, encouragement, and collaboration.  The workshops improve writing skills and enable individuals to achieve their writing goals whether it is simply for personal satisfaction or publication.

Writers Bloc is looking for active involvement from people of all ages to both direct and participate in activities… If you are an accomplished author, illustrator, or someone who just enjoys writing for personal pleasure, this is program is for you!


The National Community of Gamers ( The NCG)

The NCG program is designed to bring people together for a healthy mix of fun, education, competition, and conversation through games.

The NCG program provides support for programs of school-age children that use games as a way to develop social skills and decision-making skills as well as programs that bring children together for a healthy mix of fun, education, competition, and social development through games.

Please read our NCG Success Stories to see how The NCG has made a difference in the lives of children.

Through various games, children, young adults, and adults support the primary concepts of the program which include:

                  • Cooperation
                  • Participation
                  • Communication
                  • Validation and Support
                  • Sportsmanship
                  • Teamwork

There are NCG chapters across the country and we are always looking for other programs to support the value of games .  The program is offered free of charge to the communities in which chapters are established.  More information on The NCG program can be found on the website at www.TheNCG.org


Outdoor Adventures

From Astronomy to Zoology, Social Interactions, Inc. is committed to enhancing social experiences through educational outdoor adventures and education.  Activities within the great outdoors provides diverse opportunities to expand ones horizons through personal and inter-personal growth, social interactions, and environmental understanding.  Events and activities are organized to include members of all ages and encourage interaction among attendees.